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The name of the company:Shandong nature environmental protection engineering manufacturers

Contacts:Manager Chen

The phone:15265366502
Address:Weifang in shandong province
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Our advantage

  • As a manufacturer for the quality of the market advantage

    Advanced design idea,Rich experience in manufacturing,Sophisticated processing equipment excellent casting equipment。

  • The source of quality control,Strict quality supervision system

    The good faith management、Quality is reliable、Economy is applicable、Easy installation,A high degree of automation equipment,Save the human

  • Perfect service system,Allows you to fully secure

    According to customer needs customization,Only for your products,The powerful service system、The stability of the logistics distribution system,Convenient and quick,Easier then

  • Price concessions To maximize the benefits customers

    With its own development team level skilled technical personnel,Can reduce the production cost reduce the product price,Give you the biggest discount,Ratio of lead

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Shandong nature environmental protection engineering manufacturers

Shandong nature environmental protection engineering manufacturers( a professional enterprise for sludge dewatering equipment manufacturing and services,At present, the company is committed to on the equipmentSludge dewatering machine,Centrifugal dehydrator,Fold the screw type sludge dewatering machine,Belt type sludge dewatering machine,Plate and frame sludge dewatering machineThe research and development and sales,Guarantee the accuracy of equipment in order to improve the quality of the product。Put more energy into the market development and after-sales service,In order to obtain the highest customer satisfaction for the purpose,The masses of customers hand in hand for a win-win situation。
Companies adhering to the“To exploit、Innovation、Quality changes life”The brand concept,Grow increasingly,Deep love of social world wide praise。Companies adhere to scientific and technological innovation for a long time,Quality management as the center,Committed to advocate and promote environmental protection product。
Abide by the company“Customer demand is our pursuit”Our tenet,Constantly improve the product in energy saving,The level of healthy environmental protection, etc;Constant progress,To innovate,Wholeheartedly for the customer by the high quality product and perfect service,And is willing to work with friends together hand in hand,Creating brilliance! The company is at the forefront of science and technology in the world,Pay attention to technical innovation and quality management,The company is at the forefront of science and technology in the world,Pay attention to technical innovation and quality management,The company will product science consciousness、Standard consciousness、Quality consciousness、Awareness of market competition, and user service,As each required for all employees。

Sludge dewatering machine safety operation

  • 1.Understand the technical principles

    Understand the principle of sludge dewatering machine technology,Operation in the right way;

  • 2.The selected device

    Your choice of all kinds of equipment,According to the custom;

  • 3.Familiar with equipment principle of work

    Different equipment processing sludge,More effective targeted dewatering scheme;

  • 4.Equipment regular check

    Regularly check equipment to prevent big sludge rubble blocked;

  • 5.Equipment maintenance maintenance

    Regular cleaning equipment,Maintenance check safety performance;

  • 6.Six considerations before use

    Pay attention to the electric equipment before use,If there is a hidden danger;

  • 7.After using safety awareness

    Power security,Thread safe storage,Work delay caused by short circuit can be avoided。