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1FGuide cargo-lifts series

     Guide lifter is a kind of hydraulic elevating shear mechanical equipment·For two or three layers of industrial buildings,The dining room,Transport of goods between the wine shop floor·The minimum height150-300mm,Especially is suitable for the workplace can't excavation pit,And do not need the upper lifting point,In the form of diversification(Single column,Double column,Four pillars),Equipment running smoothly,Guide rail type elevator guide rail for channel steel in general、Beams,Square tube welding,The operation is simple and reliable,Cargo transport economy is convenient。

2FMobile cllimbing trolley series

     Mobile cllimbing trolley is used with forklift truck cargo auxiliary equipment,The height adjustment according to the car,Forklift can directly through the inside the device into the bulk loading and unloading of the goods,It takes only a single operation,Can be realized fast loading and unloading of the goods。It makes the enterprise to reduce a lot of labor,Improve the work efficiency,To obtain greater economic benefits。

3FFixed elevator series

     Fixed elevator is to put the items from a height of lifting the fixed transport equipment to another level。Because of its object weight lifting、Large volume,Safety smoothly,Therefore fixed elevator is a special form of the work high above the lifting platform,Should belong to hoisting machinery。

4FLift the limit of high series

     Elevated USES industry-standard automatically、Simple maintenance、Smooth operation、Design is reasonable。In the process of equipment increase or decrease the acousto-optic hint,Automatic limit elevated with functions of automatic propaganda,In the traffic police station of vehicles on the road of propaganda channel,Limit is high also can realize remote network control,Is controlled by the rose up devices、Stop、Drop The control,Through the remote cameras also saw the limit can be elevated on both sides of the road safety operation。

Xu ding mechanical productsBy the relevant authoritative department detection The indicators were higher than national standardsXu Ding machine tool products by the relevant authority to detect the indicators are higher than the relevant national standards


Beautiful and practical

The anti-corrosion corrosion,Self-cleaning over a new leaf


Easy to transport

The installation、Strong adaptability


Long life

As long as15Years of above


Safe environmental protection

Can be recycled,Avoid the waste of resources


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Experienced team, the company strengthExperienced team strength

In lifting equipment research and manufacturing for many years history,Scope of business all over the country

Domestic first-class level of mechanical engineering and technical personnel,Improve the accuracy of your lifting equipment reliability;

Major of logistics fixed equipment procurement,Product performance in the lead。

Has its own professional transport team very large storage capacity Ensure timely delivery of the goodsOwn professional transport team Large storage capacity to ensure timely delivery

Many years of industry experience,Have professional and technical service of professional transportation vehicles;

To cooperate with more than thousands of companiesSuccessful application and high praise;

The machine has high quality training team,Free training for cooperation with clients。

Among the best reasonable price salesReasonable price industry sales among the best

The craft is advanced detection means complete,Ensure the quality of the products of the company and indicators in the domestic leading edge;

New customers enjoyThe price of the core,Protect yourBenefit maximization

Senior technical staff accounted for all employees30%,More than professional technicians200Name

Mechanical long service life,Help you to the industry!

Zero complaint to enjoy the high quality after-sales service

Professional technical center,Free provides application solutions;

Free technical support and guidance,Let your technical team fast growth,Promote the core competitive ability;

High quality after-sales service center,Timely delivery of the goods、A quick response,In time to solve the problem quickly!


Jinan xu ding lifting machinery co., LTD is a professional engaged in lift platform、The elevator、Research of hydraulic lifting machinery,Design,Production and manufacturing,Installation and debugging,After-sales maintenance and parking equipment specialized company。      Jinan is known as xu ding lifting machinery co., LTD”Springs“Shandong jinan hinterland of laudatory name,Is located in220National highway at the provincial level development zone economic development zone industrial park north,South in mount tai,North across the Yellow River。The beijing-shanghai railway,Beijing-fuzhou expressway,The beijing-shanghai expressway,Qingdao-yinchuan highway,Jiqing expressway runs through north and south,Close at hand。The superior geographical position and convenient traffic brought sufficient conditions for the company to the development of the company registered capital500Wan,Over the years my company has always been committed to the development of lift platform and development,Continuous improvement and innovation of enterprise products,The existing mobile、Shear fork、Stationary、Guide rail type hydraulic lifting platform, etc…

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