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2019In the Mid-Autumn festival holiday notice

2019In the Mid-Autumn festival holiday notice

2019In the Mid-Autumn festival holiday notice according to the general office of the state council notice spirit,Will now2019In the Mid-Autumn festival holiday arrangement notified as follows:9Month13Day(Frida)The holiday paid leave,And in the country this weekend。Shenzhen comair's refrigeration equipment co., LTD...

And the difference between the cooling system of industrial cold water machine2019-09-19

The cold water directly frozen in electroplating(Oxidation)Industry refrigeration principle is basin of water through the pump to the cooling tower bottom cold water machine the condenser to cool the condenser,Then flow back to the cooling tower at the top of the spray and down through the cooling tower fan on the water...

What are the cold water machine troubleshooting method2019-09-17

1、When the cold water machine high voltage low voltage are normal pressure than usual on the high side,The root cause is the system with gas refrigerant or add too much,This time need to vacuum,Then apply adequate amount of refrigerant can deal with the problem。And this...

What cold water machine frozen oil change should be paid attention to2019-09-10

Freezing cold water machine oil is the time to change,Different change cycle will actually cause certain effect to use it,So you had better be on time for the cold water machine change freezing oil。But how to replace the frozen in the cold water machine oil...

Screw water chiller load damage after treatment2019-09-06

In the first place,We want to confirm whether the compressor load have been burned or part wear off,If it is,So inevitably contaminated refrigerant system,Such as the remnants of frozen oil still remaining in the pipe after carbonization,Dry filter to absorb a large number of moisture, etc。So...

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